C++ and Object-Oriented Programming Workshop Workshop Date: 2nd Nov - 4th Nov 2013
This accelerated, 4 hours, hands-on workshop covers the basics of the C++ language at a fast pace. Emphasis is placed on understanding the overall concepts of object-oriented programming and how object-oriented programs are implemented in C++. Students learn how to implement encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism in C++. Topics include: constructors, destructors, virtual functions, references, new and delete, linking C and C++, and exception handling.
Android App Developer workshop Workshop Date: 16th Nov 2013
The workshop is designed to train new and experienced app developers on the latest android platform and programming techniques. Introduction to Java and C++ programming is also covered in the workshop. Attend the workshop, learn something new, make new friends and improve your overall app development skills.
Newbies are encouraged to join since we offer a lot of "Introduction" level workshops.
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming with C++ Workshop Date: 25th Dec 2013

To fully understand the C++ language, including classes, constructors & destructors, static and const members, virtual functions and virtual classes, multiple inheritance, streams and persistence.

To examine the advanced features of the latest version of C++, including run-time type information, exception handling, new style casting, design considerations, container classes and templates.

To learn the basics of the Standard Template Library.

To learn the basics of Object Oriented Design.

Introduction to Objective-C Programming (Level: Beginner) Workshop Date: 30th Dec 2013
This workshop is designed for the beginning programmer who wants to learn how to program in Objective-C. The workshop will focus on Objective-C programming skills needed to write programs for the Cocoa Framework for iOS and Mac OSX platforms. Participants should bring their mac computer. Some experience in C programming is recommended. You will learn Objective-C programming and practice writing programs for the command line as well as GUI environment for the Mac OSX and iPhone/iPad platform.