What is your goal?

  • Improve marketability?
  • Seek career advancement?
  • Update skills for professional use?
  • Personal enrichment?

For over 5 years, we have been helping students, newbies and professional to achieve these goals and more by our focused and cost-effective trainings and workshops.

If your goal is professional development our workshops are designed to get you started and achieve career advancement. Employers recognize our approach to workplace learning because students gain the knowledge necessary to improve skills & solve workplace problems. You will take an active role in the learning process by performing in-class exercises and projects to help you remember what you learn.

Our Mobile Application Development courses include Android app development, iPad/iPhone app development, Windows Mobile app development etc few to name...

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Course Id Course Name Duration Price
MAA2001 Android Apps Development workshop 2 Days TBD
MAA2002 Android Apps Development and Java - Full Length Training Programme 3 Months TBD